Bh Cosmetics Zodiac Palette

Guys! I’ve been wanting this palette so bad, but it took me forever to actually buy it due to the sheer amount of palettes that I want in general!

Bh Cosmetics Zodiac Palette

Price: $21.99

First, packaging is adorable. It’s cardboard and sturdy. Opens up and has a giant mirror, who doesn’t love that!

This palette has 24 eyeshadows & 1 highlighter, which includes 12 baked shimmers, and 12 mattes. The shadows were are dream and blended out amazing! Even the mattes were nice and pigmented, not chalky at all. The shimmers were so creamy and fantastic to work with!

Now, the highlighter was meh for me. I attempted to use and it wasn’t the BANG that I like with my highlighters, so I used a different brand instead.

Completed look:

Application: minimal fallout and great blend-ability.

Wear: I wore this look for about 10 hours. By hour 5, the turquoise shimmer shade had sprinkled down to my cheeks and under eyes, which was disappointing. I tried to wipe it away, but the shadow smeared, so that’s a no go for me.

Overall, 7/10. I’ll definitely come back to this palette!

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