Jeffree Star Love Sick Collection

I was at work counting down the seconds until I could order the Blood Sugar Palette. My work internet crapped out and I had to run to my car to buy from my phone. By 1004PST the palette was SOLD OUT! 😭😭 So, I preordered it for next release and ordered an extremely cute mirror AND the new Love sick Bite size lippies 👄 (Since I already have the nude collection I felt like I needed the red/pink collection, obvi.)

Ugh, am I the only one that LOVES his packaging??

Bite Size Velour Liquid Lip bundle: $52.00

Includes 8 of the top selling pink and red shades from Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Doll Parts, Calabasas, Wifey, Watermelon Soda, Anna Nicole, Prom Night, Redrum, and Unicorn Blood.

The beautiful layout!! Literally, a perfect collection with every shade you could ever want!

Oh, you want swatches???


If you don’t own any of Jeffree’s Velour Liquid Lips, you need to get some! One of the best formulas I’ve ever tried! These mini bundles are absolutely perfect!

Overall rating: 10/10.

Updated review will happen when I receive the palette. ❤️ Enjoy, loves!

Update with Calabasas on the lips. 💋

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