Wet n Wild Goth-O-Graphic

Who wasn’t excited when Wet n Wild announced this collection?? I know I was. I mean, goth and holo? Yes, please!! The dark colors and glitters…ah, it could’ve been so perfect.

Now let’s get into this review.

Wet n Wild Goth-O-Graphic collection

Complete bundle $39.99.

According to Wet n Wild’s website, “Goth meets holographic in the Spring with our limited edition collection that melds broody and bright together.”

What you get: two MegaGlo highlights powers, a MegaGlo highlight stick, a MegaGlo loose highlighting powder, four MegaLast Liquid Catsuits metallic lipsticks, four MegaLast Liquid Catsuit liquid eyeshadows, and three MegaLiner Metallic liquid liner.

(Sorry, crappy iPhone pics)

I found both good and bad with this collection. Let me break the bad news first. The liners are AWFUL! Extremely disappointing.

MegaLast Metallic Liquid Liners- $3.99each. Three different shades: Skull Prayer, Pink Coffin, and Black Butterfly. (Anyone else love these names?!) The colors are gorgeous.

They look decent in this picture, but they are really streaky. Skull Prayer is the only one that wasn’t insanely streaky. But all the wands looks like this 😭:

Terrible. I suppose, if I use my own liner brush, I could make this work.

Next, MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Metallic Lipsticks. $4.99 each. They come in four colors Wicked Pink, Pastel Grunge, Gunmetal Heart, and Death to Unicorns. From the website, “These lippies deliver buildable coverage and act as the perfect holographic topper!” I would have to disagree. Again, the colors are gorgeous and look amazing swatched.

Perfect colors with the perfect amount of metallic. On the lips however, ew.

Wicked Pink:

Pastel grunge:

Gunmetal Heart:

Death to Unicorns:

They are all very dry, clumpy, and not buildable. Death to Unicorn is the only one that’s not just a slight tint of the color. This is a terrible representation of their Liquid Catsuits, because they are one of my favorite formulas out there!

On to the good news!!!

MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Liquid Eyeshadow. $4.99 each. Comes in three colors: Pure Intention, Mystic Dreamer, Goth Tears, and Nyctophilia.

These are absolutely beautiful!! I used Pure Intention and Mystic Dreamer for my look today.

I did some crease work with my Morphe Dare to Create palette. Then, I put Pure Intention all over my lid. It did great over the powder shadows and blended like a dream. I also added Mystic Dreamer to my lower lash line and blended it with a pressed shadow from the DtC palette. Overall, I love these. They aren’t full metallic, they have a lot of glitter and they remind me of the Still liquid shadows, which I’m obsessed with!

Finally, the highlights!!!

This collection comes with three, yes three, different formulas. Loose powder, pressed powder, and a stick.

MegaGlo highlighting powder- $4.99 each.

MegaGlo highlighting stick- $6.99.

MegaGlo loose highlighting powder- $6.99.

BEAUTIFUL!! Moon Tears is your loose powder. It’s subtle and would be amazing on the body, like on your collarbone or shoulders. Hell-O Darkness is the highlighting stick, and I love it! White Raven and Purple Ashes are your pressed highlights. For my look, I used Hell-O Darkness and White raven on my cheekbones and girl, I was beaming all day long!! I also put Purple Ashes in my inner corners of my eyes. This has a beautiful glow to it as well, only thing is when this one is not being hit by the light, it looks grey. I wouldn’t use this as a cheek highlight.

This picture was taken about 4 hours after I applied my makeup and after a 3 mile hike. No, that’s not sweat, it’s the highlight!!

Final thoughts

You need the highlighters and liquid shadows in your life. Skip on everything else.

Overall I give the bundle a 5/10.

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