Why I Am Not Buying Makeup for Two Months

I watch the beauty gurus on YouTube. I follow all the makeup brands I can think of. I absolutely LOVE Makeup. I love seeing new items release. So many unique ideas. It’s intriguing and I want it ALL.

So this past weekend when I was shopping Macy’s VIP sale and purchased not one, not two, but THREE new palettes I thought to myself, am I even gonna use these? I have over 50 palettes at this point, with more inbound. I realize, out of the last 20 palettes I’ve purchased I love only used them once or twice. The beauty industry is releasing new products like wild fire and convincing us that we need it all. I want to actually use my makeup and not shit away my money.

So now I made the decision to not buy ANY makeup for TWO months. It’s gonna be hard. (18 days of beauty from Ulta 😭). But I will do this.

My goals for these next two months:

  1. Use all unopened products
  2. Use each palette in my collection more than one time.
  3. Learn less could be more
  4. Create amazing looks

Be ready for new makeup looks in the next few months!

5 thoughts on “Why I Am Not Buying Makeup for Two Months

  1. Good for you! I need to do something similar, I have amassed quite a few palettes over the last year that I haven’t even hit pan on so I feel like I need to use those instead of buying new ones. A lot of those beauty gurus we watch receive PR and aren’t spending their hard earned cash on the products (or can write them off as business expenses if youtube/ beauty blogging is their job) so just because they have it doesn’t mean we need to immediately go buy it!
    Good luck with your no buy!

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  2. I haven’t put myself on a no-buy yet, but I have become more conscious of my purchases recently. I’m going to quit buying just to buy the new trendy products. I’m really trying to actually use products completely up and hopefully I’ll have a decent empties stash by the end of the year. Good luck!!

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