Chocolate Gold Review

Hello, Beauty Babes ❤️❤️

It’s been so long since I’ve posted. I want to first tell you about how my no-buy is going. Well, it’s been 29 days and I haven’t purchased a single item of makeup (minus my subscription boxes). I feel great!! I’ve been rediscovering so much makeup I forgot about! I’ve recently been tempted by Ulta sales, but I’ve managed to stay strong.

I’ve also been terrible with keeping up with this blog. I’m in my last class for my bachelors and it’s taking ALL my time!

Now, on to the review! Today I want to go over Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette. I know I’m late to the game. I procrastinated on buying this guy, and I’m so happy I finally caved and bought it!


Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette

Price: $49.00

What Too Faced has to say:

  • “Metallic shades infused with real gold for extra luxe sparkle
  • Creamy matte shadows offer soft, velvety wear
  • Infused with our signature chocolate scent for a mood boost with every swipe
  • Richly pigmented colors offer one-swipe payoff”

This palette has 16 shades, includes 3 mattes and 13 foiled glittered shadows.

(Picture taken from Too Faced website)


The following photos are pictures of the shadows in the palette. The top swatch of each color is with my finger and the bottom swatch is with my Morphe E10. On the left are the swatches with no flash and the right is with flash. These colors are so gorgeous!! My favorite colors are Drippin’ Diamonds and Classy and Sassy.

The Look

Excuse the AWFUL brows. I need them done like 💁🏼‍♀️.

Overall Thoughts

The palette is gorgeous!! The one thing I wish is that there were more matte shades. I did have to grab my JSC Blood Sugar Palette for some transition shades.

Final Rating is 8/10.

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