Life’s A Drag Palette Review

MANNYMUA is one of my favorite mainstream YouTubers. You can understand my excitement when this palette launched!

Let’s get into it!

Lunar Beauty’s Life’s A Drag Palette

Price: $45.00

Includes: 14 shades, 11 of which are mattes shades, one satin shade, and two micro glitter shades; and 1 double ended brush.

This palette is so aesthetically pleasing. All the neutral shades are on one side and the bright colors are on the other. There are six neutrals, to include a black and a white shade, and six different pops of color.

From Lunar Beauty Site:

“Feel the fantasy come alive in this fierce and fabulous 14 pan palette. This cruelty-free, playful palette contains all the perfect shades which holds effortlessly to the eyes and blends smoothly and evenly.”


Lets begin with the neutrals. You have your white and black shades. And they are both perfectly pigmented. Then you have your mix of browns; warm and cool, light and dark. Fantastic!

The colors!!!! You have a yellow, pink, purple, red, blue (satin), and teal. According to Manny’s video, the shade Kiki is meant to be faint and less pigmented. These colors blend together like. A. Dream! They even blend to create other gorgeous colors!

Now, on to the BEST shades! The foiled micro glitters! Perfect! These shades work amazing with or without the brush AND with OR WITHOUT Fixplus 🙌🏼

Each swatch was swatches the same. On the finger, with no wetness. They might not look great, but let me tell you, they are amazing! These shades are so pigmented and blend so fantastically!

The Look

Here is the look I came up with using this palette. I tried really hard to be creative.

I cant get my phone to capture how amazing I think this looks. I will start using my DSLR for these photos!

Overall Thoughts

This palette is a MUST HAVE in my opinion. It’s massive. It’s gorgeous. It’s everything I thought it would be!

I give it a 9/10!

Enjoy! ❤️

<Next post will be Colourpop’s new foundation and setting powders. Comment below if you’d rather see a video instead of a blog.>

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