All Blue Makeup

Hi, beauties!!

I started this series where I chose one color and use it for my whole face! This is my attempt at stepping outside the box and being more creative.

Color of this month is BLUE!

I filmed a whole video for this look, but the video turned out to be crap 😩 so I didn’t upload it. I did want to share my look and the products I used to create it.

I’m honestly obsessed with how the eye look came out. It’s so beautiful!

I used so many different products and layered and blended and layered and blended. Here’s what I used on the eyes:

  • Italics Color Book
  • Morphe Dare to Create
  • Lunar Beauty Life’s a Drag
  • Juvias Place Zulu
  • Jcat Beauty Sparkling Powder In SP220
  • Jcat Beauty Blinkie sungle shadow in Pearl Cream and Joyful Emerald
  • Koko Lashes In 259
  • Makeup Revolution Liquid Eyeliner

The rest of my face is ok but I’m not obsessed. I wish I would’ve done a different lip color but couldn’t find a good match. Final products used are as follows:


  • Maybelline 24 hour Superstay Foundation
  • Catrice Liquid Camo Concealer
  • Wetnwild Contour Palette
  • Pretty Vulgar Make then Blush
  • ABH Moon Child
  • Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Suit Liquid Lip
  • ABH brow duo pomade

What should next month’s color be??

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo Samantha!

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